Let Us Help Your Organization


We do more than make great food. We strive to make great communities. We offer many ways to help you raise the money you need.

Fundraiser Nights

Adopt one or all of our stores for your organization. Invite family, friends, and supporters to come in and enjoy our great food. We will give back 10% of qualified sales.

Fundraiser Slices

This option is great for large gatherings. Buy as many of our $5 Hot-N-Ready pizzas as you want and resell them by the slice during your function. If you sell each slice for $1.00 using a traditional eight cut pizza your group will profit $3.00 per pizza. If you want we can cut the pizzas into six slices and you can sell each one for $2.00 netting a slightly higher profit of $7.00 per pizza.

Proof of Purchase Tabs

Have family, friends, classrooms, teachers, business associates, or your favorite youth sport teams collect Little Caesars “Proof of Purchase” tabs off of our large pizza boxes and redeem them for a FREE pizza party to reward your group. Of course, we would be willing to buy them back from you if it is cash money that you need. Call us today to get the specifics as certain restrictions do apply.

Fundraiser Coupons

Help us design a custom flyer with specially coded coupons advertising your group and Little Caesars. We will have our advertising agency print them up (typically three weeks turnaround time/ minimum run of 5,000 pieces). Your organization distributes these flyers in schools, shopping centers, sporting events, and around the neighborhood. For every coupon redeemed we will give back a portion of the sales to your group.

Interested? Email us at: fundraising@littlecaesarsclub.com

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